How To: Program 'Hello World' on the iPhone with Xcode

Program 'Hello World' on the iPhone with Xcode

Check out this video screencast tutorial to help beginner iPhone programmers get started. This tutorial shows how to draw "Hello World!" text on the screen of the iPhone in Mac OSX with the help of Objective C (ObjC) in Xcode for Cocoa programming on your Mac OS.

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this is the most horrible version of hello world... hello world is supposed to be a simple program.... a one liner if you will.... no offense towards the video maker but this is a horrible way to learn how to program

@kidloak09, you've obviously never coded before to say something so lame.

Pretty good intro -- also to the video maker...

"instantiate' is pronounced in-stan-she-ate

Eveyone learns in a different way when it comes to starting out with programming. Great video keep it up

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